In Business Since 1988
Hi, I'm Jeff Coulson owner of Coulson Crown Moulding. I still consider it a privilege to be serving LA and Orange County after all of these years, and right now I feel a brief background on our company is important since we come to do our work inside your home.

I started in construction back in 1976 framing homes in Mission Viejo, later moving on to many cities throughout Orange County, gaining experience and knowledge along the way. In 1988 I tested for my State Contractors license and became a General Contractor. I have always enjoyed interacting with homeowners and soon started a company that provided full service construction and have since fine tuned to catering to the molding needs of the local homeowner in LA and Orange County.

For thirty years I have worn my tool belt and worked side by side with my workers and have really enjoyed adding a personal touch to each and every project. I can't think of anyone that has ever complained but to the contrary have said how much they have enjoyed our crew working in their home. The areas we work on are carefully prepared with plastic and resin paper to protect valuables when necessary. I am a homeowner and understand what it is like to have someone come into our space, so we strive to respect your home the same as we would our own home.

Throughout the years we have met a lot of wonderful people. We have been blessed and have had the opportunity to bless others by working with a wonderful non-profit organization, Habitat for Humanity, on many building projects.

As the owner of Coulson Crown Moulding, I will be personally working with you to satisfy all your trim and molding needs. I am sure there are many questions in your mind as to what crown molding is and why it is spelled two different ways; i.e. moulding or molding. You may be asking: "What is the cost and how is it figured? How long does it take to install? Does everything have to be moved from the area ahead of time? What is the next step after installation?" We have a FAQ page that will hopefully satisfy many of the common questions.

Our website will be continually updated with new photos and testimonials, so stop in as often as you like. I would also appreciate your feedback about our site so that we can continue to make it a user friendly place.

Thanks again for visiting,

- Jeff Coulson